Different Container Types

Why container shipping is important?

Container transport is the most important and often used for moving different types and sizes of goods globally.
Containerisation system improves productivity, reduces time and increases delivery time which meet customer’s expectation and satisfaction. For instance, freight can be moved by sea-road-rail or rail-sea-road or road-sea.


When you look at the inventions or innovation of the last 100 years…the really low-tech invention of the container has done more for global trade than anything else.

Søren Skou, CEO of Maersk Line, 2012.


What types of containers are used for tire shipment?

There are 6 types of containers, which are mostly used for tire transportation.

  1. 20FT container20ft container of tires
  2. 40FT container

    40ft container tire shipping

  3. 40HC container40hc container tire shipping
  4. 45HC container45hc container shipping
  5. 20OT container
  6. 40OT container
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