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In the 1830s, Wu Zhesheng, the founder of the Great China Rubber Factory decided the Double Coin trademark. It then made double coin  tires become Chinese famous rubber tire.The factory established in the 1920s, and the company name was changed in 2017 to "Double Coin Tire Group Ltd ". "Double Coin" and "Warrior" were established to be China's rubber industry national brands in 1929 and 1935 respectively.

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supply products for many world-famous manufacturers such as

Zhengzhou Yutong
Xiamen Jinlong




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Double Coin offer a comprehensive line of OTR tires engineered to maximize performance and deliver a lower cost per hour. OTR tires are backed by both an aggressive warranty and exceptional customer support.

Popular pattern characteristic

REM-1: Double Coin REM-1 engineered this radial Off-The-Road tire with a multi-purpose tread design for exceptional traction and even wear. The wide footprint of this OTR offers excellent flotation while also ensuring a smooth ride.

doublecoin rem-1

REM-2: The Double Coin REM-2 Off-The-Road radial features an aggressive self-cleaning tread design. Engineered to deliver a smooth ride and superior traction in all types of terrain, the REM-2 is an OEM Certified OTR with an advanced casing design that promotes retreadability.

doublecoin rem-2

REM-10: The OEM Certified REM-10 OTR tire features a multi-function, non-directional tread design for optimum performance. Designed for the rugged needs of articulating trucks, the REM-10 OTR is built with a unique center block tread design, that delivers superior off-the-road traction, and a smooth ride in all types of terrain.


REM-12: Built with special cut/chip resistant compounds to withstand severe rock mining applications and promote long-term retreadability, the Double Coin REM-12 OTR has a unique non-directional tread design for optimum performance, and superior traction.

REM-15: The REM-15 radial Off-The-Road tire has a multi-purpose tread design for exceptional traction and its wide footprint offers excellent flotation while providing a smooth ride.

REM-19: The Double Coin REM-19 is a radial OTR tire built for a wide variety of loader applications. Its special chip and cut resistant compounds promote an extended original tread life and promote long-term retreadability. Designed with a wide footprint and center rib for stability, this Off-the road tire features a non-directional tread design for additional traction in multiple applications.

REM-28S: The REM-28S is designed with a universal tread pattern for increased traction and performance in winter conditions. Its multiple application use includes loader, grader and on-highway, high speed mobile crane wheel positions. ★★★ Star product DOT certified for on-highway use.

REM-9: The Double Coin REM-9 OTR radial design offers special compounds to withstand severe mining applications, extend tire life and promote long-term retreadability. The REM-9 OTR tire is designed with a non-directional center rib tread pattern for enhanced off-the-road traction. Its deep tread depth also provides extended tread life in a wide variety of conditions.

REM-18: The Double Coin REM-18 radial OTR is built for severe loader applications. This OTR tire is constructed with special chip and cut resistant compounds to promote extended original tread life and long-term retreadability. Designed with a wide footprint and center rib for stability, the REM-18 OTR features a directional tread design for increased forward traction.

REM-8: The REM-8 high-speed crane OTR tire is U.S. DOT approved for on-highway use. The OEM Certified REM-8 is designed with a universal tread pattern to help minimize fuel consumption, improve traction and deliver a more comfortable ride.

REM-3: The Double Coin REM-3 OTR features a special uni-directional tread design for maximum traction in Off-the-Road skid loader applications. Its radial design offers optimum performance and increased tire life, as well as an enhanced ride and handling.

REM-6: The Double Coin REM-6 radial design delivers optimum performance and traction in industrial lug, crane and port applications. The REM-6 is engineered with special tread compounds to run cool, fight rapid wear and deliver remarkable stability.

REM-17: The Double Coin REM-17 radial design promotes optimum performance, wear and stability in industrial lug and port environments. This tire is engineered with special tread compounds to fight rapid wear and enhance traction in all port applications.

Radial OTR

S/N Pattern Application Tire Size TRA code Star rating Weight/kg
1 REM-1 Grader 13.00R24 G2 * 112
2 14.00R24 G2 * 129
3 REM-2 Earthmover/loader 17.5R25 E3/L3 * 153
4 20.5R25 E3/L3 * 229
5 23.5R25 E3/L3 * 336
6 26.5R25 E3/L3 * 461
7 17.5R25 E3/L3 * * 157
8 20.5R25 E3/L3 * * 231
9 23.5R25 E3/L3 * * 336
10 26.5R25 E3/L3 * * 463
11 29.5R25 E3/L3 * * 587
12 775/65R29 E3/L3 * * ——
13 875/65R29 E3/L3 * * ——
14 REM-10 Haulage/ articulated 26.5R25 E3/L3 * * 463
15 29.5R25 E3/L3 * * 597
16 REM-12 Mining loader 17.5R25 L5 * * 251
17 26.5R25 L5 * * 657
18 29.5R25 L5 * * 846
19 REM-15 Grader/loader 17.5R25 E2/L2/G2 * * 153
20 REM-19 Loader 20.5R25 L5 * * 295
21 23.5R25 L5 * * 451
22 26.5R25 L5 * * 634
23 29.5R25 L5 * * 762
24 REM-28S Loader/grader/mobile crane service 385/95R25 L3/G3/MCS * * * 135
25 17.5R25 L3/G3/MCS * * 157
26 20.5R25 L3/G3/MCS * * 231
27 23.5R25 L3/G3/MCS * * 231
28 385/95R24 L3/G3/MCS * * 133
29 REM-9 Haulage 26.5R25 E-4 * * 540
30 29.5R25 E-4 * * 650
31 18.00R33 E-4 * * 470
32 24.00R35 E-4 * * 777
33 21.00R33 E-4 * * 567
34 REM-18 Loader 35/65R33 L-5 * 1026
35 35/65R33 L-5 * * 1026
36 REM-8 High-speed crane 14.00R24 MCS * * * 130
37 14.00R25 MCS * * * 140
38 16.00R25 MCS * * * 211
39 20.5R25 MCS * * * 238
40 REM-3 Skid steer 10R16.5 SS 128A5 32
41 12R16.5 SS 141A5 42
42 REM-6 Industrial lug 5.00R8 IND 111A5 10
43 6.00R9 IND 121A5 17
44 6.50R10 IND 128A5 20
45 7.00R12 IND 136A5 27
46 315/70R15 IND 165A5 59
47 7.00R15 IND 143A5 32
48 7.50R15 IND 146A5 37
49 8.25R15 IND 153A5 47
50 225/75R15 IND 149A5 32
51 250/70R15 IND 153A5 35
52 10.00R20 IND 166A5 87
53 12.00R20 IND 176A5 111
54 12.00R24 IND 178A5 126
55 14.00R24 IND 193A5 232
56 18.00R25 IND 207A5 415
57 REM-17 Industrial lug 16.00R25 IND 200A5 265

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