Shipment of MAINSAIL AGR. tires to Turkmenistan

mainsail agr. tires

MAINSAIL brand was first launched in 2015. It started from skid-steer and backhoe loader tires, and later expanded to light truck tires, industrial tires, off-the-road tires, agr. tires and speciality tires. Tire quality is top-notch from China.

Turkmenistan is mostly desert yet much much of its population is involved in irrigation farming, predominantly of cotton and wheat. About 48 percent of Turkmenistan’s labor force is in agriculture (compared to 2.5 percent in the U.S.). Some 3.7 percent of the land is classified as arable, and less than 0.2 percent is planted to permanent crops. About 17,500 square kilometers are irrigated, mainly for cotton production.

The major crops in Turkmenistan are cotton, grains such as wheat and corn, fodder crops, with wool, meat, and milk from raising of livestock, chiefly sheep. Turkmenistan also produces grapes, almonds, vegetables, melons, pomegranates, figs, olives and subtropical fruits. Grains are grown primarily for domestic consumption and to feed local livestock. The major crops for export is cotton.


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