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How many tires can fit into a sea container?

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  1. 1. Please use 27.00r49 instead of 2700R49 or simply use R49. Please use 18.00-25 instead of 1800-25.
  2. 2. Affected by many factors, the loading quantity could be different than the sheet has shown.
  3. 3. 20ft container loading quantity is about 43% of 40HQ.
Tire TypeRim Diameter Size Quantity/40HQ
PCR12 145/70R122300
PCR12 145R12C2090
PCR13 155/65R132100
PCR14 155/65R142000
PCR12 155/70R122200
PCR13 155/70R132000
PCR13 155/80R131950
PCR12 155R12C1950
PCR14 165/60R141800
PCR13 165/65R131890
PCR14 165/65R141800
PCR15 165/65R151850
PCR13 165/70R131880
PCR13 165/70R13LT1600
PCR14 165/70R141700
PCR14 165/70R14C1550
PCR13 165/80R131790
PCR13 165R13C1950
PCR15 175/55R151500
PCR13 175/60R131900
PCR14 175/60R141600
PCR15 175/60R151450
PCR14 175/65R141700
PCR15 175/65R151500
PCR13 175/70R131850
PCR14 175/70R141680
PCR14 175/70R14C1200
PCR14 175/80R141300
PCR13 175R13C1350
PCR16 175R16C1180
PCR14 185/55R141450
PCR15 185/55R151300
PCR16 185/55R161280
PCR14 185/60R141490
PCR15 185/60R151370
PCR14 185/65R141400
PCR15 185/65R151450
PCR14 185/70R141450
PCR16 185/75R16C1100
PCR14 185/80R141275
PCR14 185R14C1270
PCR15 185R15C1172
PCR15 195/45R151500
PCR16 195/50R161250
PCR15 195/55R151208
PCR16 195/55R161310
PCR14 195/60R141310
PCR15 195/60R151200
PCR16 195/60R161100
PCR14 195/65R141300
PCR15 195/65R151180
PCR16 195/65R16C1100
PCR14 195/70R141350
PCR15 195/70R15C1050
PCR16 195/75R16C960
PCR14 195R14C1200
PCR15 195R15C1080
PCR17 205/40ZR171150
PCR16 205/45ZR161180
PCR17 205/45ZR171080
PCR15 205/50R151100
PCR16 205/50R161150
PCR17 205/50R171050
PCR15 205/55R151200
PCR16 205/55R161100
PCR17 205/55R171040
PCR13 205/60R131350
PCR14 205/60R141200
PCR15 205/60R151180
PCR16 205/60R161000
PCR15 205/65R151150
PCR15 205/65R15C1100
PCR16 205/65R161050
PCR16 205/65R16C980
PCR14 205/70R141270
PCR14 205/70R14C1200
PCR15 205/70R151080
PCR15 205/70R15C990
PCR16 205/75R16C1150
PCR16 205/80R161040
PCR18 215/35ZR181200
PCR19 215/35ZR191170
PCR17 215/40ZR171050
PCR18 215/40ZR18880
PCR17 215/45ZR171010
PCR18 215/45ZR18880
PCR17 215/50R17900
PCR16 215/55R161000
PCR17 215/55R17940
PCR18 215/55R18890
PCR15 215/60R151000
PCR16 215/60R161000
PCR16 215/60R16C950
PCR17 215/60R17950
PCR15 215/65R15980
PCR16 215/65R16950
PCR17 215/65R17930
PCR15 215/70R15960
PCR15 215/70R15C890
PCR16 215/70R16910
PCR16 215/70R16C910
PCR14 215/75R14C1020
PCR15 215/75R15860
PCR16 215/75R16C860
PCR16 215/80R16820
PCR14 215R14C950
PCR15 215R15C900
PCR18 225/35ZR181000
PCR19 225/35ZR19960
PCR18 225/40ZR18960
PCR19 225/40ZR19820
PCR17 225/45R17990
PCR18 225/45R18960
PCR17 225/45ZR17990
PCR18 225/45ZR18960
PCR19 225/45ZR19900
PCR16 225/50R16980
PCR17 225/50R17890
PCR18 225/50R18930
PCR16 225/55R16940
PCR17 225/55R17840
PCR18 225/55R18830
PCR19 225/55R19810
PCR16 225/60R16980
PCR17 225/60R17880
PCR18 225/60R18830
PCR16 225/65R16920
PCR16 225/65R16C820
PCR17 225/65R17800
PCR15 225/70R15880
PCR16 225/70R16850
PCR17 225/70R17760
PCR15 225/75R15820
PCR16 225/75R16800
PCR19 235/35ZR19900
PCR18 235/40R18865
PCR18 235/40ZR18865
PCR17 235/45R17860
PCR18 235/45R18840
PCR17 235/45ZR17860
PCR18 235/45ZR18800
PCR17 235/50R17800
PCR18 235/50R18730
PCR19 235/50R19650
PCR17 235/55R17750
PCR18 235/55R18690
PCR19 235/55R19670
PCR20 235/55R20600
PCR16 235/60R16900
PCR17 235/60R17850
PCR18 235/60R18720
PCR16 235/65R16850
PCR16 235/65R16C780
PCR17 235/65R17760
PCR18 235/65R18720
PCR15 235/70R15790
PCR16 235/70R16735
PCR15 235/75R15790
PCR16 235/75R16700
PCR17 235/75R17640
PCR20 245/30ZR20750
PCR18 245/35ZR18800
PCR19 245/35ZR19780
PCR20 245/35ZR20750
PCR19 245/40R19800
PCR17 245/40ZR17850
PCR18 245/40ZR18800
PCR19 245/40ZR19800
PCR18 245/45R18800
PCR19 245/45R19760
PCR17 245/45ZR17830
PCR18 245/45ZR18800
PCR19 245/45ZR19760
PCR20 245/45ZR20750
PCR18 245/50R18780
PCR20 245/50R20740
PCR19 245/55R19750
PCR18 245/60R18730
PCR17 245/65R17730
PCR16 245/70R16690
PCR17 245/70R17650
PCR16 245/75R16650
PCR17 245/75R17590
PCR19 255/35ZR19740
PCR20 255/35ZR20720
PCR18 255/40ZR18780
PCR19 255/40ZR19740
PCR20 255/40ZR20720
PCR20 255/45R20720
PCR17 255/45ZR17770
PCR19 255/45ZR19750
PCR20 255/45ZR20720
PCR19 255/50R19700
PCR20 255/50R20680
PCR18 255/55R18650
PCR19 255/55R19620
PCR20 255/55R20600
PCR17 255/60R17730
PCR18 255/60R18680
PCR16 255/65R16720
PCR17 255/65R17690
PCR15 255/70R15C700
PCR16 255/70R16700
PCR17 255/70R17670
PCR18 255/70R18640
PCR19 265/30ZR19720
PCR22 265/35R22650
PCR18 265/35ZR18725
PCR22 265/40R22550
PCR21 265/40ZR21550
PCR20 265/45ZR20590
PCR21 265/45ZR21560
PCR19 265/50R19640
PCR20 265/50R20580
PCR17 265/60R17650
PCR18 265/60R18540
PCR17 265/65R17640
PCR18 265/65R18640
PCR15 265/70R15670
PCR16 265/70R16650
PCR17 265/70R17600
PCR15 265/75R15650
PCR16 265/75R16575
PCR20 275/30R20530
PCR19 275/30ZR19560
PCR20 275/30ZR20530
PCR19 275/40R19520
PCR20 275/40R20500
PCR19 275/40ZR19520
PCR19 275/45R19550
PCR20 275/45R20480
PCR21 275/45ZR21450
PCR20 275/50R20480
PCR20 275/55R20480
PCR17 275/60R17630
PCR20 275/60R20460
PCR17 275/65R17580
PCR18 275/65R18495
PCR20 275/65R20510
PCR18 275/70R18500
PCR17 285/70R17460
PCR16 285/75R16450
PCR20 305/55R20380
PCR16 305/70R16510
PCR17 315/70R17400
PCR16 315/75R16400
PCR16 315/75R16480
PCR15 P225/70R15920
PCR16 275/70R16585
PCR13 175/80R131600
PCR13 185/80R131510
PCR14 205/75R141200
PCR15 205/75R151150
PCR14 215/75R141020
PCR16 235/80R16680
PCR16 235/85R16640
PCR13 185/70R131550
PCR15 195/50R151300
PCR16 195/50R161300
PCR17 205/45R171080
PCR15 205/70R151100
PCR17 215/40R171100
PCR17 215/45R171010
PCR16 215/55R16900
PCR16 215/60R16950
PCR15 215/65R15960
PCR19 225/35R19960
PCR18 225/40R18960
PCR15 225/70R15C880
PCR16 225/75R16C800
PCR19 235/45R19750
PCR20 245/30R20750
PCR17 245/40R17850
PCR18 245/40R18800
PCR17 245/45R17830
PCR18 265/65R18520
PCR22 285/35R22520
PCR20 285/50R20500
PCR18 285/60R18550
PCR17 285/65R17610
PCR24 295/35R24420
PCR22 305/40R22420
TBR17.5 8.5R17.5700
TBR17.5 9.5R17.5540
TBR19.5 8R19.5500
TBR22.5 8R22.5350
TBR22.5 9R22.5350
TBR22.5 10R22.5290
TBR22.5 11R22.5270
TBR22.5 12R22.5240
TBR22.5 13R22.5210
TBR17.5 205/65R17.5680
TBR17.5 205/75R17.5680
TBR19.5 225/70R19.5560
TBR17.5 225/75R17.5640
TBR17.5 235/75R17.5630
TBR17.5 245/70R17.5453
TBR19.5 245/70R19.5460
TBR22.5 255/70R22.5350
TBR19.5 265/70R19.5400
TBR22.5 275/70R22.5310
TBR19.5 285/70R19.5400
TBR24.5 285/75R24.5260
TBR22.5 295/60R22.5290
TBR22.5 295/75R22.5280
TBR22.5 295/80R22.5240
TBR19.5 305/70R19.5300
TBR22.5 315/60R22.5250
TBR22.5 385/65R22.5195
TBR22.5 415/45R22.5200
TBR22.5 425/65R22.5150
TBR19.5 435/50R19.5200
TBR19.5 445/45R19.5210
TBR22.5 445/50R22.5180
TBR22.5 445/65R22.5130
TBR24.5 11R24.5260
TBR16 6.50R16880
TBR15 7.00R15750
TBR16 7.00R16730
TBR15 7.50R15720
TBR16 7.50R16676
TBR15 8.25R15500
TBR16 8.25R16500
TBR16 9.00R16380
TBR20 7.50R20420
TBR20 8.25R20420
TBR20 9.00R20320
TBR20 10.00R20280
TBR20 11.00R20240
TBR20 12.00R20210
TBR24 12.00R24190
TBR20 14.00R20144
OTR24 14.00R24116
OTR25 15.5R25130
OTR24 16.00R2480
OTR25 17.5R2590
OTR25 18.00R2544
OTR33 18.00R3338
OTR25 20.5R2564
OTR33 21.00R3324
OTR35 21.00R3524
OTR25 23.5R2544
OTR35 24.00R3522
OTR25 26.5R2535
OTR33 35/65R3318
OTR25 29.5R2525
OTR29 29.5R2924
OTR25 600/65R2544
OTR25 650/65R2535
OTR25 750/65R2529
OTR29 875/65R2919
OTR49 27.00R4912
OTR51 33.00R518 (OTC)
OTR51 36.00R518 (OTC)
OTR57 37.00R576 (OTC)
OTR57 40.00R576 (OTC)
OTR57 46/90R576 (OTC)
OTR57 50/80R576 (OTC)
OTR63 53/80R633 (OTC)
OTR63 59/80R633 (OTC)
AGR8 4.00-89000
AGR12 4.00-123000
AGR14 4.00-142600
AGR16 4.00-162200
AGR15 5.00-151550
AGR16 5.50-161250
AGR17 5.50-171150
AGR15 10-15900
AGR12 6.00-121500
AGR16 6.00-161040
AGR16 6.50-16730
AGR20 6.50-20650
AGR16 7.50-16720
AGR18 7.50-18700
AGR20 7.50-20540
AGR20 8.3-20400
AGR22 8.3-22380
AGR24 8.3-24360
AGR20 9.5-20350
AGR24 9.5-24280
AGR15.3 10.0/75-15.3600
AGR18 10.5/80-18320
AGR18 12.5/80-18230
AGR15 11L-15980
AGR32 11-32110
AGR38 11-38105
AGR20 11.2-20260
AGR20 11.2-20275
AGR24 11.2-24240
AGR28 11.2-28185
AGR38 11.2-38120
AGR28 12.4/11-28160
AGR24 12.4-24204
AGR26 12.4-26160
AGR32 12.4-32150
AGR38 12-3895
AGR24 13.6-24190
AGR28 13.6-28140
AGR24 14.9-24150
AGR26 14.9-26140
AGR28 14.9-28125
AGR30 14.9-30120
AGR38 15.5-3875
AGR24 15.5/80-24130
AGR24 15-24145
AGR24 16.9-24120
AGR28 16.9-2895
AGR30 16.9-3080
AGR34 16.9-3470
AGR38 16.9-3857
AGR26 18.4-2685
AGR30 18.4-3075
AGR34 18.4-3460
AGR38 18.4-3849
AGR42 18.4-4244
AGR38 20.8-3842
AGR24 21L-2495
AGR26 23.1-2655
AGR30 23.1-3041
AGR20 16/70-20180
AGR24 17.5L-24118
AGR24 19.5L-24110
AGR26 28L-2642
AGR18 12.00-18300
AGR18 12.9-18250
AGR18 1200-18190
AGR10 23X10-10850
Port tire2518.00-2544
Port tire2516.00-2564
Port tire2514.00-2590
Port tire2414.00-2490
Port tire2412.00-24150
Port tire2012.00-20168
Port tire2010.00-20210
Port tire3318.00-3338
Port tire3521.00-3538
Port tire2521.00-2538
Port tire158.25-15600
Desert tires2566X44.00-2522
Desert tires2566x43.00-2522
Desert tires169.00-16400
Desert tires179.00-17400
Desert tires2020-20110
Desert tires2018-20140
Mining Tire2516.00-2564
Mining Tire2514.00-25100
Mining Tire2513.00-25118
Mining Tire2014.00-20118
Mining Tire2012.00-20230
Mining Tire2011.00-20250
Mining Tire2414.00-24100
Mining Tire2010.00-20300
Mining Tire209.00-20360
Mining Tire2011.00-20230
Mining Tire2412.00-24180
Underground Mining Tire2045X16-20126
Underground Mining Tire2042X13-20190
Underground Mining Tire1538X16-15170
Underground Mining Tire1015L-10370
Underground Mining Tire1027X15-10370
Underground Mining Tire1510.00L-15280
Underground Mining Tire1536X11-15280
Underground Mining Tire1532X14.5-15270
Underground Mining Tire1532X12.5-15310
Underground Mining Tire1528X12.5-15430
Underground Mining Tire2050X20-2085
Underground Mining Tire2014.00-20116
Underground Mining Tire2012.00-20170
Underground Mining Tire2518.00-2544
Underground Mining Tire2526.5-2529
Underground Mining Tire2521.00-2536
Underground Mining Tire2517.5-2590
Underground Mining Tire2514.00-2590
Underground Mining Tire2412.00-24150
Underground Mining Tire158.25-15600
Underground Mining Tire291425X660-2950
Underground Mining Tire2340X15-23190
Underground Mining Tire2040X12.5-20230
Underground Mining Tire1634X11.00-16370
Underground Mining Tire208.00-20350
Underground Mining Tire2036X12.5-20270
Underground Mining Tire3569X18.00-3550
Underground Mining Tire3563X18.00-3560
Underground Mining Tire271425X585-2760
GSE Tire62515-625240
GSE Tire13165-131290
GSE Tire14185-141140
GSE Tire62518-625145
GSE Tire15225/75-15675
GSE Tire16225/75D16675
GSE Tire1226X12.00-12600
GSE Tire38026X12D380600
GSE Tire1529X12.5-15430
GSE Tire1531X15.5-15324
GSE Tire28330/85-28120
GSE Tire2813.00-28120
GSE Tire625355/55D625220
GSE Tire19.5385/65D19.5180
GSE Tire19.515-19.5180
GSE Tire22.5385/65D22.5180
GSE Tire22.539x15-22.5240
GSE Tire84.00/4.80-83600
GSE Tire710455/50D710110
GSE Tire85.00/5.70-82600
GSE Tire106.50-101260
GSE Tire96.90-91530
GSE Tire107.50-101000
GSE Tire16.58.00-16.5750
GSE Tire16.58.75-16.5600
GSE Tire16.59.50-16.5580
Folklift tire208.25-20380
Folklift tire1528X9-15770
Folklift tire158.15-15770
Folklift tire157.00-15790
Folklift tire106.50-101340
Folklift tire96.00/6.90-91640
Folklift tire85.00-82700
Folklift tire85.70-82700
Folklift tire2514.00-2590
Folklift tire2414.00-2490
Folklift tire2012.00-20170
Folklift tire2010.00-20210
Folklift tire209.00-20316
Folklift tire167.50-16610
Folklift tire15300-15400
Folklift tire15250-15630
Folklift tire158.25-15460
Folklift tire1532X14.5-15330
Folklift tire128.25-12760
Folklift tire127.00-12940
Folklift tire818X7-82400
Folklift tire15355/65-15330
Bias OTR2529.5-2522
Bias OTR2526.5-2535
Bias OTR2523.5-2546
Bias OTR2520.5-2560
Bias OTR2517.5-2590
Bias OTR2016/70-20130
Bias OTR2416/70-24130
Bias OTR1620.5/70-16234
Bias OTR1612.00-16470
Bias OTR168.25-16600
Bias OTR167.50-16700
Bias OTR2515.5-25130
Bias OTR2414.00-24126
Bias OTR2413.00-24182
Bias OTR209.00-20360
Bias Truck168.25-16LT600
Bias Truck167.50-16LT730
Bias Truck167.00-16LT810
Bias Truck166.50-16LT900
Bias Truck166.00-16LT1000
Bias Truck157.50-15LT730
Bias Truck157.00-15LT890
Bias Truck156.50-15LT1000
Bias Truck156.00-15LT1000
Bias Truck136.00-13LT1000
Bias Truck136.40/6.50-131440
Bias Truck146.50-141000
Bias Truck126.00-121300
Bias Truck125.00-122000
Bias Truck167.50-16640

Tire container-loading Methods

Stuffing quantity per container has been a question for us before the order is placed.
In the fact, quantity of tires that can be loaded into a 40HQ container depends on many factors on account of the impossibility of 100% space utilization. Among those factors, the most important ones are the size of the tire and the stacking method used.

There are mainly two stacking methods.
1. Cross-Stacked method
For PCR (Passenger Car Radial tires) tires and relatively small TBR (Truck and Bus Radial Tyre) tires, cross stacking can greatly increase space utilization. Cross-stacking involves laying a row of angled tires across space – the row lies on top of and parallel with a first angled tire and subsequent tires.


2.Horizontal Stacking or Vertical Stacking
Horizontal stacking  or vertical stacking are two common methods suitable for larger TBR(Truck and Bus Radial Tyre), OTR (Off-Road Tires), and AGR(Agricultural Tires ), etc. 

Compared to cross-stacked method, an approximate quantity is calculable. 40HQ is the most frequently used container type. Therefore, we will take this type of container as example.

Firstly we have to have some idea of the dimension of a 40HQ. 
The internal dimension is 12.031m long x 2.348m wide x 2.695m high

Now we are able to do some math. Follow me step by step.

we need to separately divide the length and width of the container by the OD (Overall diameter) of the tire, then divide the height of the container by the SW (section width) of the tire
Step 2:
Then multiply the three numbers obtained
Step 3:
Remove the number after the decimal point. The result, an approximate quantity loaded in a 40 HQ, is obtained. Take, for example, the calculative process of the size 295/80R22.5. 
The overall diameter is 1.044m, and the section width is 0.298m.

Loading of giant tires using an open top container
Generally speaking, giant tires with a size above 49inch are usually loaded into 40 OTC(Open-top container), due to its overlong diameter.

Size of tire loaded in 40 OT container









Can we have the quantity per container by calculation?  – Yes!
Follow me step by step.
Divide the length of the container by the OD (Overall diameter) of the tire, and divide the width of the container by the SW (section width) of the tire. 
Step 2:
Remove the number after the decimal point of the results at last step. 
Step 3:
Multiply the two results at last step.
Take, for example, the calculative process of the size 30.00R51.The overall diameter is 3.000m, and the section width is 0.894m. Now we can clearly see that the approximate quantity of 30.00R51 is 8 pcs.

Loading of Solid Tires

Since solid tire is very heavy, and a container’s load limit is usually not exceeding 20tons, so when we load solid tires, we usually use a 20ft container.
Normally, tires are loaded nuke into the container, but in solid tires’ case, for easy loading and unloading, a pallet is sometimes used. We pack the tires onto a pallet, and then put them into the container. The disadvantage of loading with a pallet, is that the container will load fewer tires.    

Tire TypeTire SizeQuantity/20GP
Solid tire4.00-81500
Solid tire5.00-81013
Solid tire6.00-9625
Solid tire6.50-10480
Solid tire7.00-9439
Solid tire7.00-12360
Solid tire7.00-15280
Solid tire7.50-15250
Solid tire7.50-16190
Solid tire7.50-20180
Solid tire800-16186
Solid tire28×9-15276
Solid tire825-12275
Solid tire825-15187
Solid tire825-20142
Solid tire9.00-16155
Solid tire9.00-20111
Solid tire1000-20100
Solid tire1100-2080
Solid tire1200-2060
Solid tire1200-2436
Solid tire1400-2424
Solid tire250×15233
Solid tire300×15143
Solid tire15×4 1/2-81800
Solid tire16×5-91500
Solid tire16×6-81058
Solid tire18×7-8857
Solid tire21×8-9529
Solid tire23×9-10375
Solid tire27×10-12257
Solid tire200/50-10720
Solid tire17.5-2520
Solid tire23.5-2513
Solid tire31x6x10156
Solid tire33x6x11140

In the end, let’s go back to the question in the title. Now we get to know that there is no certain answer. Considering the factors of stack methods and tire size, a 40HQ can be large enough to fit thousands of tires, and it can be also “small” enough to fit only two tires.

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