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Maintenance of Tubeless Tires

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Tubeless tire does not have the tube inside, wherea rubber layer with good airtightness is cured into the internal chamber of the tire, which will work as the function of tube. Tubeless tire is the trend of the development of tire, correct maintenance will improve the service life of tire.

1. Change the tire position at regular intervals. Different fatiques and abrasions will be on the tires in different positions, so the position must be Changed. For truck tires, normally the position should be changed when running about 12,000km.

2. Keep the chassis at good technical condition. The conditions such as the misalignment of the front wheel and the deformation of the rims etc will quicken the abrasion of the tire.

3. Pneumatic pressure must be inspected every month or for each long-distance travel, including the pressure of the spare tire. Tire pressure must be checked in the cold condition of the tire namely it should be inspected after parking at least for 3 hours. If necessary, tire pressure should be inflated to the specified pressure on the nameplate of the vehicle. Because temperature will increase during driving, it is normal that tire pressure is higher than the pressure in cold condition. If you decrease the pressure in hot condition, the pressure will be insufficient when tire is cold. Additionally, the pressure must be checked by high-quality pressure gauge please do not always believe your eyes.

Other Precautions:

>Please check tire pressure in common temperature.

>Please do not pull out the punctured object Immediately.

>It is forbidden to splash water on the hot tire.

It is forbidden to deflate the hot tire.

>When inflating tubeless tire, we suggest to use air pump with air filter and nitrogen is the best selection

a tubeless tire

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