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Wide-body Dump Truck tires

by Lily Shen Sept. 2023 Popular tire Sizes 13.00R25 14.00R25 16.00R25 480/95R29(16.00R29)           Main markets: ⨠Asia ⨠Africa Advantage of Wide-body dump trucks Wide–body dump truck, it is between large mining dump truck and ordinary dump truck, neither like large mining dump truck which often cost millions, nor like ordinary dump truck …

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shipping tires on railway

Rail transportation of Tires

Rail transport is the economic artery of the country. It is one of the logistics modes of transport. Compared with other means of transport, it has the following characteristics: 1.High accuracy and continuity of railway transportation. Railway transportation is almost unaffected by the climate, and can be carried out at regular, regular and accurate operation …

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A Glance at all Chinese Manufactuers of Giant Earthmover Tires

1. Giant Earthmover tires Giant earthmover tires are often refered as tire rim diameter more than 49″, typical sizes are: 27.00R49、30.00R51、33.00R51、36.00R51、37.00R57、40.00R57、46/90R57、50/80R57、53/80R63、55/80R57 & 59/80R63 for bias type, the sizes are , 27.00-49, 30.00-51, 33.00-51, 36.00-51, 37.00-57, 40.00-57. 2. Major Chinese  manufacturers ADVANCE AEOLUS HILO HAIAN MAXAM TIANLI TRIANGLE ZC RUBBER 3. Size and Pattern List Aeolus …

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Different Container Types

Why container shipping is important? Container transport is the most important and often used for moving different types and sizes of goods globally.Containerisation system improves productivity, reduces time and increases delivery time which meet customer’s expectation and satisfaction. For instance, freight can be moved by sea-road-rail or rail-sea-road or road-sea.   When you look at …

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tire trading terms

International Trade Terms

With the acceleration of globalization, the number of people involved in the field of international trade has increased significantly. International trade practices have evolved to set out the rights and obligations of parties with respect to the carriage of goods. The following are thirteen terms of sale in international trade, as reflected in the recent …

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Stock of different big brands

TNR stock many famous brands of tires. The Smart Money is on Double Coin Double Coin tires utilize innovative technology that improves fuel efficiency and lowers operating expenses. Double coin radial forklift tires REM6 pattern (as pics), with high quality, could help your forklift do a lot of hard work. Also, other types of double coin …

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bulkship of tires

BulkShip of Giant Tires

Bulkships are an essential aspect of the global supply chain, and they play a vital role in transporting large quantities of dry cargo, such as iron ore, coal, grain, salt, aluminum, and copper ore. Whether it’s transporting raw materials to manufacturers or delivering finished goods to consumers, bulk carriers are essential in ensuring the efficient …

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awp tyres

AWP tires

What is an AWP tire? TNR offers a wide range of AWP tires, also mentioned as Aerial Lift Tires,Solid Boom Lift tires, scissorlift tires. AWPs short for aerial work platforms, which together with mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs) are used by thousands of workers all over the world every day for a near-endless list of …

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bridgestone otr

GIANT OTR TIRES of Premium brands

Table of Contents Giant Off-the-Road tires 1. What is a Giant OTR tire? OTR is short for off the road tires, while Giant OTR tires are those OTR tires of size range from 49inch to 63inch.Sizes:27.00R49、30.00R51、33.00R51、36.00R51、37.00R57、40.00R57、46/90R57、50/80R57、53/80R63、55/80R57 & 59/80R63Usually, the same size in bias type is also available. For example, 27.00-49, 33.00-51 etc. 2. Major manufacturers …

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aircraft tire

Aircraft/Aviation Tires

Aircraft tires are tires which are designed to be used with aircraft. Aircraft tires support the weight of the aircraft while it is on the ground and provide the necessary traction for braking and stopping.  Usually, aircraft tires are classified in various ways including by: type, ply rating, whether they are tube-type or tubeless, and …

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Mobile Crane Tires

Mobile Crane Tires

High-speed mobile crane tires Crane/Mobile Crane tires operate in highway and off-road applications. They carry heavy loads and operate often at high speeds.They could go as fast as 70km/h (speed rate E) or 80km/h ( speed rate F). Our range of crane tires: BGZN E214.00R24 (385/95R24)14.00R25 (385/95R25)16.00R25 (445/95R25) TNR B05N E214.00R24 (385/95R24)14.00R25 (385/95R25)16.00R25 (445/95R2517.5R25 (445/80R25)20.5R25 …

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skidsteer solid tire

skidsteer solid tires

SOLID TIRE FOR SKIDSTEER LOADERS   1.What is a solid tire? Different from pneumatic tire, the solid tire body is solid, they do not need steel cord as a framework and inflate air in the tire, either. Thus no inner tube or inner airtight liner inside of the skidsteer solid tire. Solid tires are specialized …

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