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TNR Privacy Policy

TNR International Co., Ltd. acknowledges the importance of protecting our customers’ privacy.
The following is TNR's policy concerning the acquisition, use, and protection of customers’ personal information on the website (www.tnr-international.com) operated by TNR.

Handling of Personal Information
In order to offer quality services to customers, TNR may outsource the conducting of questionnaires, e-mail distribution services, sample distribution, and online store on this website, to its affiliated companies or a third party, that has been chosen following due consideration. TNR and Third Party will take reasonable and technical actions when handling any information provided on this Website by customers and with which they may be identified, including but not limited to name, address, phone number, and e-mail address , so as to prevent any illegal access to, loss of, alteration, and/or leakage of the same.

Purposes of Use
Pursuant to prior consent of customers, TNR will make use of customers’ Personal Information for the shipping of catalogs and other printed documents, and other communications, and for the e-mail distribution of information that it believes may be of interest to customers, including but not limited to press releases and mail magazines.

Providing to Third Parties
TNR will not, without prior consent of customers, provide any or all Personal Information that customers have provided on this Website to any third party. However, TNR may provide Personal Information without customers’ consent, when it is required to do so by law or by courts, police, or other public institutions.

If you should not wish to receive any Information Distribution, you may request that TNR terminate these services by giving notice to that effect to the contact notified to them when the information is distributed. Upon request, TNR will delete all Personal Information, except that with which such individuals may not be identified.

Disclosure of Personal Information
Should you wish to have your Personal Information, for which TNR holds the right to disclose, correct, add, delete, or suspend usage of, and which TNR has held possession of for longer than six months, disclosed, TNR will make efforts to respond to such requests in a reasonable manner.
Please note that Personal Information falling under the following is not subject to Disclosure, etc.
Personal Information that does not fall under Possessed Personal Data. Information that is to be deleted within six months.
Personal Information whose Disclosure, etc. is prohibited by law
-Information whose Disclosure, etc. risks an infringement of the rights and interests of the person themselves or a third party
-Information whose Disclosure, etc. risks a major interference with the proper functioning of TNR’s business
-Information whose Disclosure, etc. violates other laws
Other Personal Information stipulated by laws, etc.

TNR will comply with Chinese laws and other standards related to the protection of your Personal Information, and work to improve this policy by reviewing it constantly. This policy may be revised without notice. All revisions will be notified on this page.