Shipment of Annaite Tire to the Philippines

ANNAITE is a Truck Bus Radial tyre brand by XING YUAN TIRE GROUP. The brand name comes from a Chinese spell in the meaning of safety, durability and specialty in tyre product line. Since 1994 ANNAITE’s holding company XING YUAN TIRE GROUP started to engage in the tyre manufacturing, thanks to the opening up policy of China and membership of the WTO, the early 2000 witnessed the boost of ANNAITE global distribution.

The ANNAITE tyre is currently offering Truck Bus Tyre and Passenger Car Radial tyre, available in almost 99% range of sizes, the quality of tyre is well recognised by the global distribution partners as very cost effective and medium to upper grade performance. The recent years of OEM appointment by a world’s top 5 Japanese Tyre brand has proved and strengthened ANNAITE factory the technology advantage and manufacturing excellence.


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