What is OTR

OTR is the short name for Off-the-Road.


OTR tire range usually refers to tires used on rough terrain applications.Applications:
Crane service
Port service
Construction service
Specialty service


Tire sizes from 24inch to 35inch are usually considered as OTR tires.
Here is a list of the sizes available with us.
12.00R24, 13.00R25, 14.00R24, 14.00R25, 16.00R25,18.00R25, 18.00R33, 21.00R33,  21.00R35,  24.00R35
600/65R25650/65R25750/65R25 875/65R29, 35/65R33


Tire sizes of 49inch or above, are usually considered as Giant OTR tires.
45/65R45, 27.00R49, 30.00R51, 33.00R51,  36.00R51, 40.00R57

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