DOUBLECOIN REM8 14.00R24 14.00R25


➣High speed mobile crane tire designed for both on and off-the-road highway applications

➣DOT approved for on-highway use and built strong for off-the-road

➣Universal tread pattern increases traction while minimizing fuel consumption

➣OEM Certified



Product Code Size Pattern Load Symbol Speed Max Overall Diameter Section Width Tread Depth RIM Single Max Load/Pressure Weight Tire Type
(mph) (inch) (inch) (32nds)
1117184241 14.00R24 (385/95R24) REM-8 ★★★ 43 54 16 31 10.00W 13948lb/144psi 133kg/293lb T/L
1117184251 14.00R25 (385/95R25) REM-8 ★★★ 43 54 16 31 10.00/1.5 13948lb/144psi 135kg/305lb T/L
1117186251 16.00R25 (445/95R25) REM-8 ★★★ 43 59 17 33 11.25/2.0 16280lb/130psi 209kg/446lb T/L
1117196251 16.00R25 (445/95R25) REM-8 ★★ 50 59 17 33 11.25/2.0 14740lb/130psi 203kg/444lb T/L
1117190251 20.5R25 (525/80R25) REM-8 ★★ 43 59 21 39 17.00/2.0 17065.4lb/101psi 238kg/525lb T/L
1117190252 20.5R25 (525/80R25) REM-8 ★★ 50 59 21 39 17.00/2.0 15620lb/101psi 238kg/525lb T/L

Description :

Double Coin REM-8 (mcs) E-2 TL 3* 179F  High-speed Crane Tire


Item New Tire HS Code 401180
Pattern Code REM8 Brand DOUBLECOIN
Cord Material Steel Wire Quality Warrantee 2 year
Tube Type Tubeless Delivery Within 7 Days
Condition New Origin Made in China
Natural Rubber From Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia etc Certificate DOT
Equipment Imported From Japan and German Market Korea  USA EUROPE

rem-8 doublecoin
rem-8 doublecoin

More informaiton: mobile crane tire

TOP crane manufacturer:

1. Xuzhou Heavy Machinery (XCMG) | China
Xuzhou Heavy Machinery (XCMG) now ranks first in the list of top 10 crane manufacturing companies in the world after growing its sales 74% to $5.66 billion in 2020 from $3.11 billion the previous year.

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