Widening and deepening patttem with high saturation and variable pitch for low noise and fuel saving; Open tires's shoulders pattern designed for excellent heat dissipation; The unique gradient pattern designed not only guarantees the driving performance in the early and mid-term but also ensures more excdlentwear resistance in the later


Sizes Ply Load index Speed level Standard rim Section width (mm) Outer diameter (mm) Design of tread depth (mm)
12R22.5 18 152/149 L 9.00 300 1085 20.00
315/80R22.5 20 157/154 L 9.00 312 1076 20.00


12R22.5 CP355

fitting to TBR

TBR tyre is the short name of Truck and Bus Radial Tyre, so we can see that TBR tyres are mainly used for Truck and Busvehicles,sometimes we also call TBR tyre as commercial tyre because the TBR tyres are used for commercial vehicles.Meanwhile, the TBR tyre’s structure is all steel wire, so the TBR tyre has better loading performance. So it can be seen that TBR tyres are mainly used for truck and bus vehicles.

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