9-14.5 RIB


9-14.5 rib 9-14.5 RIB 
1 Stable ride in soft terrain without sinking
2  Superior Tread Life and Traction
3 Great Steering
OTR OTR tires is the short name for Off the Road tires. As the name describes, tires for giant vehicles such as dump trucks or loaders fall within this category. Mostly, these tires operate in mine areas or at port and terminals. Our company is located in Shanghai, China, and has business partners all over the world.We are committed to offering On-Road & Off-Road tires/wheels, which are applied to:- Construction Machinery (Loaders, ADT, Skid-Steering machines & Graders)- Transportation (Trucks, Buses & Trailers)- Agricultural/Irrigation Equipment (Tractors, Combine Harvesters & Trailers)- Forestry Machines (Harvesters, Forwarders & Skidders)- Material Handling (Reach stackers & Forklifts) As a professional tire/wheel supplier, we not only know well about products, but also know how to identify the right tires for your equipment."Quality products and quality service" is our permanent commitment to our customers. Based on the requirements of the International market, we just abstract and collect a summary of popular size tires for your selection. If you cannot find some sizes, patterns or varieties, please do not hesitate to contact us. LET TNR BRING YOU MORE!


9-14.5 rib 9-14.5 RIB   
Tire Size PR Pattern Code Rim Size Inflation Pressure (kpa) Section Width (mm) Overall Diameter (mm) Max Load (kg)10km/h
9-14.5 14 RIB 14.5x7 790 241 705 1590


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