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R1-5 12.4-28 18.4-30


The tire has good wear resistance and unique tread design, which greatly improves the service life
Good durability, Cut – Resistance, Excellent self-cleaning capability
Tractor Tyres


R1-5 Specification:

Tire SizePly RatingTypeTread DepthStandard RimAvailable RimInflated DimensionsLoad Capacity
TTTLmminchOverall Width (mm)Overall Width (inch)Overall Diameter (mm)Overall Diameter (inch)Max Load kgInflation Kpa
12.4-288TT441.73W11W10 W10H31512.4126049.611510230
12.4-2810TT441.73W11W10 W10H31512.4126049.611700280
12.4-2812TT441.73W11W10 W10H31512.4126049.611830320
18.4-3012TT431.63W16LW15L DW1646718.39155061.023180230
18.4-3014TT431.63W16LW15L DW1646718.39155061.023410260

Description :

R1-5 12.4-28 18.4-30

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