NX part: tu-pian-ok
NX part: tu-pian-ok

ST986 DOUPRO 7.50R16LT 9.00R20

➣Superior traction and adhesion,
➣excellent lateral spreads slippery resistance,
➣high tear resistance,
➣high abrasion resistance,
➣well loading capacity.
➣suitable for rough roads and mine areas




Size PR Speed Index Standard rim Inflation Pressure(kPa) Max. Load(kg) Inflated
Section Width
Overall Diameter
Pattern Depth
(mm) (mm) (mm)
7.50R16LT 14 L 6.00G 770/770 1500/1320 215 805 17.0
8.25R16LT 16 L 6.50H 770/770 1800/1600 235 855 17.0
9.00R20 16 K 7.0 900/900 2800/2650 259 1019 22.5
10.00R20 18 L 7.5 930/930 3250/3000 278 1054 24.5
11.00R20 18 L 8.0 930/930 3550/3250 293 1085 24.5
12.00R20 20 K 8.5 830/830 3750/3450 315 1125 25.0

Description :

ST986 DOUPRO Major Characteristics

Item New Tire HS Code 401120
Pattern Code ST986 Brand DOUPRO
Cord Material Steel Wire Quality Warrantee 120,000-150,000KM
Tube Type Tubeless/ Tubeless Delivery Within 30 Days
Condition New Origin Made in China
Natural Rubber From Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia etc Certificate DOT/ ECE/ GCC
Equipment Imported From Japan and German Market Middle East, North America

TBR tyre is the short name of Truck and Bus Radial Tyre, so we cansee that TBR tyres are mainly used for Truck and Busvehicles,sometimes we also call TBR tyre as commercial tyre because the TBR tyres are used for commercial vehicles.Meanwhile, the TBR tyre’s structure is all steel wire, so the TBR tyre has better loading performance. So it can be seen that TBR tyres are mainly used for truck and bus vehicles. Sometimes, TBR tyres are called commercial tyres, as these tyres are often used on commercial vehicles. In addition, the TBR tyre’s structure is all steel wire, which means that they have better loading performance.

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