AUSTONE AT27S 12.00R24


Three zigzag grooves make tire ideally suited for regional service condition. Varied pitches and vshaped grooves effectively resist stone retention and uneven wear.


Size PR LI SS Measure Rim Type Max.Load (KG) Max Load (LBS) Max Inflation Pressure (kPa) Max Inflation Pressure (PSL) Dimension (mm) Tread Depth (mm) Tread Depth 32nds
Single Dual Single Dual Single Dual Single Dual Section width O.D
12.00R24 20PR 160/157 K 8.5 TL 4500 4125 9920 9090 900 900 130 130 315 1226 14.5 19
11R22.5 16PR 148/145 M 8.25 TL 3150 2900 6940 6390 850 850 125 125 279 1054 16.5 21
11R22.5 18PR 149/146 L 8.25 TL 3250 3000 7610 6610 930 930 135 135 279 1054 16.5 21


12.00R24  AT27S

Item New Tire HS Code 401120
Pattern Code  AT27S Brand AUSTONE
Cord Material Steel Wire Quality Warrantee 120,000-150,000KM
Tube Type Tubeless/ Tubeless Delivery Within 30 Days
Condition New Origin Made in China
Natural Rubber From Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia etc Certificate DOT/ ECE/ GCC
Equipment Imported From Japan and German Market Middle East, North America

fitting to TBR

TBR tyre is the short name of Truck and Bus Radial Tyre, so we cansee that TBR tyres are mainly used for Truck and Busvehicles,sometimes we also call TBR tyre as commercial tyre because the TBR tyres are used for commercial vehicles.Meanwhile, the TBR tyre’s structure is all steel wire, so the TBR tyre has better loading performance. So it can be seen that TBR tyres are mainly used for truck and bus vehicles. Sometimes, TBR tyres are called commercial tyres, as these tyres are often used on commercial vehicles. In addition, the TBR tyre’s structure is all steel wire, which means that they have better loading performance.

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