goodyear GP4B

GOODYEAR GP-4B 27.00R49 ** E4


➣150-Level traction radial tire for rigid haulage trucks

➣Solid center rib and non-directional tread design helps provide good lateral traction, long wear and smooth ride

➣Radial construction and compound provides improved tread wear while running cooler


27.00R49  GOODYEAR GP-4B Specifications

Size TUBE TYPE Tread Depth TRA CODE Star Rating Compound TKPH
27.00R49 TL 65 E4 ** Type 2 540
Type 4 415
Type 6 315


Description :

ItemNew TireHS Code401180
Pattern CodeGP-4BBrandGOODYEAR
Cord MaterialSteel WireQuality Warrantee8000-10000 hours
Tube TypeTubelessDeliveryWithin 40 Days
ConditionNewOriginMade in Japan
Natural RubberFrom Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia etcCertificateDOT
EquipmentImported From Japan and GermanMarketRussia, Mongolia, EUROPE

Tire TKPH varies depending on the tire’s design (size, tread pattern and the type of compound). A High TKPH tire generates less heat than that of lower TKPH tire. However, the lower TKPH tire will have greater cut and wear resistance than the higher TKPH one.
The TKPH method is applicable in the following situations.

(1) One way distance: within 16 km (10 miles)
a. When haul length exceeds 16 km one way, consult a Bridgestone Representative.
b. If the round-trip distance is less than 5km (3miles), Tire TKPH figures can be increased by 12%.
(2) Ambient temperature: 38˚C (100˚F)
For ambient temperatures other than 38˚C (100˚F), the Tire TKPH rating should be revised based on the following formula.
Radial Tire
Revised TKPH rating = [1 + α × (38˚C–Max. Ambient Temperature ˚C)]* × Tire TKPH
Below 27.00 (33.5) inches in Section Width: α =0.010
Above 30.00 (37.25) inches in Section Width: α =0.00

(3) Maximum speed
a. Radial Tire
For 65km/h(40mph) maximum speed, the loads must be reduces 12% with no change in inflation pressure.
b. Bias Tire
When the maximum speed exceeds 50 km/h (30 mph) under loaded conditions, the following formula is used:
Revised TKPH Rating = 50 km/h × Tire TKPH Max. speed
The TKPH Rating for 21.00-35, 36PR RLS E1A is 226; if the tire is to run at 60 km/h when loaded.
50 × 226 =188 60
(4) To obtain the TKPH(TMPH) for type 2A-LS, multiply type 2A rating by 0.8.
(5) The respective types of vehicles are subject to the following speed limitations

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