14.00R25 ET01/16.00R25 ET02 in Xinda Open-pit Coal Mine, Jinsha County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province


This report is the first phase use effect report of our company’s first batch of 30 sets of 14.00R25 E3 ET01 and 80 sets of 16.00R25 E3 ET02 in Xinda Open-pit Coal Mine, Jinsha County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province, for a total of 110 sets of wide-body vehicle products.

In early June 2023, in line with the original intention of long-term cooperation with the mine, we assisted in serving the tire management in the mining area and at the same time tested the use effect of our products in the Xinda open-pit coal mine, selected mine-based services, and collected competing products for comparison.

2 INTRODUCTION — Xinda open pit coal mine

vehicle model and tire

SKT90S 14.00R25  SKT95SH  16.00R25 

operating hours

24 hours in two shifts

transportation route

2-3km one way

average speed


SKT90S model load capacity

68t (Approximately 45.5 cubic meters) 

SKT95SH model load capacity

88t (approximately 58.5 cubic meters) 

14-16 round trips per shift, the transportation time is 20 minutes, loading time is 4 minutes, waiting time is 20 minutes, and unloading time is 1 minute.


The road condition is a gravel road, operating in two shifts 24 hours a day, with a daily mileage of 89-102KM. The road conditions are poor. There are many gravels that cause serious damage to the tires. The continuous rain weather causes the road surface to be damaged. Skidding aggravates tire damage.


Chengshan Tire first use data and comparison – wear comparison (tested after 10 days of installation and use)

Chengshan Tire’s second tracking usage data and comparison—wear comparison (tested after 20 days of installation and use)

Chengshan 14.00R25 E3 ET01 30# car, remaining pattern 23mm

Chengshan 14.00R25 E3 ET01 17# car, remaining pattern 23mm

Chengshan 16.00R25 E3 ET02 12# car, remaining pattern 28mm

Chengshan 16.00R25 E3 ET02 12# car, remaining pattern 28.5mm

5 Chengshan Tire Customer Service Follow-up Plan

Continuously collect customer usage conditions, and carry out the publicity and implementation of “Sharing Basic Knowledge of Engineering Tires – Customer Edition” in the spirit of discovering and solving while adapting to local conditions.

Continuously track the installed tires, compare the differences with competing brands, conduct data statistics and share every 10 days, and share it with customers and the company’s technical department to carry out targeted product improvements.

Continuously implement an on-site service mechanism, dispatch technical teams for on-site surveys at any time based on the actual usage of customers and products, continuously improve the service system, continuously improve product service life, and provide customers with more suitable tire products.