Design of four consistent grooves and slant-edge pattern provide outstanding drainage and grip performance; Widened treacf to improves tire's abrasion resistance and longer tire mileage; Design of unique steel disc helps to tire's heating dissipation and suitability for different wheels positions. Recommended for on-high Long haul drive applications. Tread design helps deliver all-season traction and reduction of uneven wear. Construction optimized for fuel economy and long tread life.


Sizes Ply Load index Speed level Standard rim Section width (mm) Outer diameter (mm) Design of tread depth (mm)
7.50R16LT 16 i125/121 L 6.00G 215.00 805 12
8.25R16LT 16 128/124 L 6.50H 235.00 855 13
9.5R17.5 18 143/141 M 6.75 240.00 842 12
ST225/90R16 14 128/124 L 6.00J 220.00 808 12
ST235/80R16 14 129/125 M 6.50J 235.00 782 10
ST235/85R16 14 132/127 M 6.50J 235.00 806 10


7.50R16LT  CP169

fitting to TBR

TBR tyre is the short name of Truck and Bus Radial Tyre, so we can see that TBR tyres are mainly used for Truck and Busvehicles,sometimes we also call TBR tyre as commercial tyre because the TBR tyres are used for commercial vehicles.Meanwhile, the TBR tyre’s structure is all steel wire, so the TBR tyre has better loading performance.


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