Annaite 660
Annaite 660

ANNAITE 660 11R22.5 11R24.5



➣All position tyre suitable for both on and off road applications.
➣Cut resistant tread compound
➣Wider and deeper tread using a special rubber compoud designed to extend the life of the tyre.
➣Stone ejectors in the tread prevents stone retention which can lead to casing damage



ANNAITE 660 11R22.5 11R24.5 Specifications:

Size PR LI&SS Diameter Section Width Std. Rim Tread Depth Load Capacity Inflation Pressure
(mm) (mm) (mm) (kg) (kPa)
11R22.5 16 146/143M 1063 275 8.25 22.5 3000/2725 830
11R24.5 16 149/146L 1115 275 8.25 22.5 3250/3000 830
285/75R24.5 16 147/144L 1064 280 8.25 22.5 3075/2800 830
295/75R22.5 16 146/143L 1025 295 9 22.5 3000/2725 830

Description :

Item New Tire HS Code 401120
Pattern Code 660 Brand ANNAITE
Cord Material Steel Wire Quality Warrantee 120,000-150,000KM
Tube Type Tubeless/ Tubeless Delivery Within 30 Days
Condition New Origin Made in China
Natural Rubber From Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia etc Certificate DOT/ ECE/ GCC
Equipment Imported From Japan and German Market Middle East, North America

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