HILO B03S+ E4 18.00R25


1 Extra-deep grooves with strong traction.
2 Travel over soft and muddy terrain.
3 Cool running innovative tread rubber compound.
4 Cut and speed resistance compound.


Tire Size Star Rating Load Index TRA Code Tread Depth (mm) Type Standard Rim OD (mm) SW (mm) Max Load (Kg) Standard Pressure (kPa) Speed km/h
14.00R24 ***/32PR 169 E-4 38 TT 10.00 1418 386 6750 803 50
14.00R25 ***/32PR 169 E-4 38 TT 10.00/1.5 1420 386 6750 803 50
18.00R25 ***/36PR 185 E-4 47 TT 13.00/2.5 1673 498 10000 703 50


Item New Tire HS Code 401180
Pattern Code B03S+ Brand HILO
Cord Material Steel Wire Quality Warrantee 2 year
Tube Type Tubeless Delivery Within 7 Days
Condition New Origin Made in China
Natural Rubber From Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia etc Certificate DOT
Equipment Imported From Japan and German Market Korea  USA Mongolia


1.Tyre and Rim
(1) Check carefully before tyre mounting to see if the rim sizes are identical to those marked on sidewalls.
(2)The tyre should be fitted as much as possible to standard rims or allowable rim range.
(3) The tyre should not be fitted to deformed rims or non-conformity rims.
Deformed rims or non-conformity rims will result in premature tyre toe failure or blow out to hurt People.
2.Inflated Pressure
(1) Rules should be followed to inflate the tyre.
(2) lt is not appropriate to infate the tyre over pressure and then release the air to standard pressure.
(3) Check the tyre pressure regularly and replenish when the air pressure is not found sufficient.
Tyre under-ressure will ause decreased loading capacity easy cord breaking and dangerous blow out.Tyre overpressure wil ause cord strengthloss anddangerous blow out.
(1 ) Select the tyre of corresponding ply rating and load based on the vehicle’s standard loading capacity.
(2)The tyre of low ply rating can not bear high load.The tyre load Mn not be increased by the increase of inflated pressure.
(3) The load should be distributed evenly on the vehicle.
Overload will cause a serious injury to the tyre or the People. The vehicle with he load unevenly distributed will cause some of yes serious overlcoad,which is one of the factors causing accidents.
The tyre should match the vehicle in operating speed and operate in the range of specified speed for vehicle.
Overspeed will cause quicker tread wear,rapid heat buld up,tyre strength deterioration,separations and even tyre blow out.

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