27.00R49 on Mine Site in DAGUSHAN, China

Stable quality, big savings

Basic information

Size:2700R49 ★★
Total tire been used: 6 pcs of 2700R49
Vehicle type: TR100
Hottest 40℃ in summer and Coldest -30℃ in winter
Normal speed: 35km/h
Go & back single journey: 2km
Total working hours: 18hours/day

Working Conditions



Customer Suggestion: 

As the good mine application, there is no serious defect on the tires. But there are some cracks at the lug area and crown area, this may cause problems at other serious applications. 

Quality situation & analysis & improvement


1 Quality situation: 
The cut resistance performance is acceptable. 
2 Reason analysis & improvement: 
All tires used at the Iron Ore mine are manufactured before Nov.,2008. The tread compounds were improved for several times from Dec.,2008, the cuts and chunking situation will be improved accordingly based on lab and field test results. The wearing ratio of all the tires are nearly on the same level and with maximum ratio to 0.013mm/h. If we take 15mm as the tread depth(min tread be kept), the tires will perform min 5500 hours if there is no quality defects. 


The tires can afford this application, but cut and crack resistance should still be checked and improved.
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